Less Lofty Goals

As much as I wish all of my energies could be focused on achieving self-actualization (sorry, Maslow) or deepening my spiritual, emotional, and educational enlightenment, there comes a time when you have to address more basic needs. Such as, paying rent. Or buying groceries. Since I can’t seem to find work as anything actually using my skills (associate editor, columnist, copywriter, etc.) I guess I will start looking for a job in a less desirable area…retail, perhaps, or food service. I was a barista in college, which I loved, but I mainly loved it because I got all my school vacations off work and it was easy to find someone to cover your shifts at the last minute.  My plan is to try and find a job as a hostess, then eventually a server, at a more upscale restaurant – one where I might actually make money in tips. Note to self: I do need to get my food handler’s permit renewed.

This is all just so depressing to me. In a class on magazine editing once, I had to read a short story about an English major who graduated college and couldn’t find a job so ended up working at Victoria’s Secret and living with her mother. When I read that I remember thinking about that poor pathetic soul with pity and thanking God it wouldn’t ever be me. Ha. I know the economy is in the dumps right now and there are fewer entry-level jobs than there usually are, but how is it possible that not one hiring manager thinks I am capable of anything more than folding shirts or pouring ice water?!  I fail to see how this will help me find a “real” job, other than having something to put on my resumé. I am so scared of getting sucked down the dead-end path, while my fellows are getting internships, then jobs, at the New York Times and Wells-Fargo.  Am I not aggressive enough in going after what I want? It is hard to be aggressive and confident about being the best candidate for a job when over and over again (been job-hunting since December, mind you) employers are telling you that you are fine, but just not good enough. Not right for the job, or “found another candidate we are really excited about.” Well, wonderful.  What should I be doing differently? 

Anyway, I made a list of some of the places I will try to drop of resumés. Anthony’s, Hearthfire Grill, Mercato, Ramblin’ Jacks, and a couple of coffee shops. Maybe I will suck it up and apply at Starbucks. I do have the training, I suppose. I have been putting this off since last week because I have no idea how you are supposed to go about dropping off resumés at restaurants at all. Sigh. I need all the luck I can get…


~ by Bitterroot Buttercup on August 16, 2009.

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